My Maths Website

My name is Ingrid. I live in Brisbane Australia having grown up in Melbourne. Every one of the math’s teachers I had at school was wonderful; I still hear their voices saying things like “Keep the base and add the indices” and “What you do to one side you must do to the other”.

In 1990 I lived in Townsville for 2 years with my first child. I completed a Graduate Diploma of Education in the areas of mathematics and junior science. I am a registered teacher.

In 1998 I graduated with a PhD in Statistics called Survival Analysis Diagnostics which, nothing like its title suggests, was full of matrix algebra; lovely mathematics, and some code written in SPlus, which doesn’t exist any more, but was not unlike the R statistical programming language. In my thesis I extended Cook’s distance, which statistics students are introduced to in first year university courses, to the generalised least squares model, and so approximately to many models. My work can be applied to cross validation and I have a preprint on arXiv about cross validation.

After many years of raising three children, and a bit of a stop-start career, I am now working on the sort of maths and statistics that I enjoy.

I like helping people with their maths. My intention is to be of use to people for whom the spark of maths has been, or will soon be, lit!

Welcome to the website. I hope you enjoy it!