About this site

Some of the maths, statistics and teaching that interest me:

I’m working on a new project to automate the setting up of long division problems in MathsML. I will write code in R to generate the MathsML. The goal is to be able to input, say, 4567 and 23, and have an output showing the long division of 4567 by 23.

I like using LaTeX to create attractive mathematical typesetting. I am investigating how LaTeX can be screen readable, through conversion to MathsML. I feel there are many people who would benefit from having maths read aloud.

I like using R. I think R will be even more popular in future, as not only is it the statistics package of choice for data analysis, but it is also a general purpose programming language and great for graphics.

I do Project Euler problems every now and then. I’m up to question 80, having started at the start and worked through the first 79. There are over 600 questions.

This website is created with the R packages called RMarkdown and distill.